Experimental Rawhide Kernels

For the past few weeks I’ve been building experimental Fedora Rawhide kernels with all of the SELinux and audit kernel patches targeted for linux-next included. It has worked out reasonably well, and with the exception of getting a working Linux 4.4-rc1 build this week, it has proven to be relatively easy to manage. If you would like to help with testing and don’t mind the instability that comes with development kernels, the Fedora COPR repository link is below.

I’ve been doing at least one build each week, sometimes more, and I expect to continue with that frequency. I also perform a quick sanity check on each successful build, including running the SELinux and audit testsuites; however, there may be times when the kernel is simply broken, so exercise caution and please don’t run these kernels on anything critical.

pcmoore/kernel-secnext COPR repository