Linux 6.8 Merge Window

Linux v6.7 was released this past Sunday, with the Linux v6.8 merge window opening immediately afterwards. Recently I’ve started writing up the highlights of the SELinux and audit pull requests sent to Linus, but starting with the Linux v6.8 merge window I’m also going to start including the Linux Security Module (LSM) layer highlights. I’m including the LSM in these summaries because with the start of Linux v6.8 the LSM layer itself is taking a step forward in terms of user visibility and I want users, administrators, developers, and distros to be aware of changes that could impact their systems.

With all that out of the way, here are the highlights of the LSM, SELinux, and audit pull requests which Linus has merged into his tree.

UPDATE: The week of March 11, 2024, the week Linux v6.8 was released, we became aware of an incompatibility issue with the new LSM syscalls on 32-bit systems and changed the size_t parameter types to u32 to avoid problems. The syscall signatures below have been updated to reflect this change.